July 13, 2013


I’ve always wanted to live a big, simple life.

You may think: big and simple? Someone get this girl a dictionary…

Just wait.  When I think of my ideal life, I envision a photo box stuffed and overflowing with memories.  When I am old and widowed [really I'm praying Clayton and I just die simultaneously in our sleep] I want my memories to keep me company.  I want to look back on my life and remember the sweet, simple moments.  This is the bigness that I am searching for. 

I don’t believe all of these memories need to be big themselves.  Knowing Clayton and myself, I’m sure there will be whole sections of my photo box that are filled with evening walks and quiet conversations.  I also know that not all my memories will be picturesque.  I’m sure in the upcoming years, I’ll add a few memories to the box that are not so perfect.  But that’s okay.

All I want is a life lived.  I want to know that I noticed the sunsets, laughter, and rainy days.  I want to know that I stopped to relish in all the light and life that I am blessed with each day. Liveliness.
I have recently started a new chapter of my life.  A chapter full of growth and self-improvement.  I am all about progression, but not the type that makes you feel bad when it takes years instead of days.  Right now, I feel a sense of illumination in my life.  There is a glow and a glimmer that I seek each day.  Throughout the years, I hope this light will continue to grow brighter and stronger, to the point where others can borrow a little of it and make it their own. Light.

Hopefully, this blog will serve at least one of two purposes:

1.) I hope this blog will serve as my photo box.  I hope it will encourage me to record all the sweet moments I’ve been given.  I know I remember things better when I take time to document them.

2.) I hope this blog will encourage others on their personal journeys.  I don’t know much, but hopefully what I can share will embolden others as they try to live their best lives, too.

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  1. What a refreshing perspective and a great platform you've created - momentum is a powerful thing! Keep it up - this is wonderful!



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