About Me

Hi! I’m Emily, and that's my sweet husband Clayton! Welcome to our blog!

On this blog, you will see my efforts to live a smart, simple, big life, by keeping fit, eating smart, living within my means, and pursuing the things that invigorate me.  I say it is our blog, but really it is my blog of our life!


I grew up in a suburb outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. My husband and I both went to school in Utah, where we met and fell in love.  He is from Texas.  We got married three years ago, so we’ve got a few chapters of our life written, but we’re still definitely at the beginning of our story.

I am an elementary school teacher.  I taught sixth grade for two years, and I am about to begin my first year as a third grade teacher.  Clayton will be applying for physical therapy school in the near future.


We have no children [yet!] but we are kept busy with our jobs, our hobbies, spending time with each other, and our 2 year old miniature dachshund, Duncan.


Welcome to my light & lively life!

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  1. Emily!!! You started a new blog! Love it! I love this page and I love the new web address. It's all so cute! Can't wait to read all your posts. A new blog for the new you! Xoxo! So excited to see you guys next week in Minnesota.


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