July 28, 2013


Here was this week's plan:

 2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace
Power Pump Class -- no, but did a strength workout
Pioneer Day 5k 
30 minutes cross training 
6 Miles

2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace

I did these at the gym on a treadmill and pushed myself a little faster than 1/2 Marathon pace.

30 Minute bicycle
60 minute yoga class

I was really excited to go to the yoga class.  Lately, the only yoga I have been doing is Jillian Michaels' DVD, which isn't nearly as rejuvenating.  I really enjoy the peace that I feel after doing yoga.

Temple to Temple 5k.

I already posted about this.  It was such a great run.  It feels like it was over a week ago, not just a few days ago.


We stayed up late Thursday, and on Friday I had a meeting with a coworker at 9:30.  I was supposed to wake up early to do my long run, but I decided to get the extra sleep.  I made up a strength workout to make up for the fact that I wouldn't be going to Power Pump the next day (because I still needed to do my long run.)

The strength workout was all over the board -- I wanted to work my legs, but also get in other muscle groups.

7 mile run

On Thursday evening, I mapped out a 6.15 mile run on mapmyrun.com.  When I got to the starting point on Saturday, it wouldn't show me my route anymore -- it showed me where I was, but I wasn't exactly sure where I was supposed to turn.  I made my best guess from my memory, but somehow it turned into a 7 mile run.  I was really excited when I was finished, because this is the longest I've run since my marathon 5 years ago.  I was also thrilled, because it bumped me up a few weeks in my long runs.  I was supposed to do 6 miles again next week and then 7 the next; now I can add more miles!!

My legs were really tired the rest of the day on Saturday, but I felt really proud of myself, so my sore legs almost felt good!  My average pace was 10:34, which isn't bad at all for a long run, so that made me even happier!

Total Mileage: 12 miles

This Week's Plan:
2.5 @ 1/2 Marathon pace
Power pump class
3 mile easy run
30 XT (probably biking or swimming in MN)
7 mile long run

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