September 7, 2013


These last two weeks have been busy, busy, busy!  

Only teachers know how much work goes into setting up a new classroom.  When people say teachers shouldn't get the summers off, they don't realize that a., most teachers work A LOT during the summers, and b., many of us make up those hours throughout the year.  Oh, and can I get credit for working in my sleep? I woke up with a pack of sticky notes clutched in my hands on Friday morning...stressed much?

I don't even know what my workout plans were (or, I'm too lazy to look)...but here are my workouts from the last two weeks.

Week 1

Tuesday: Power pump class
Wednesday: Ran 4.5 miles w/ a friend
Saturday: Stairstepper (5 mins), stationary bike (10 mins), elliptical (20 mins) -- couldn't seem to get into anything so I just bounced around.

Week 2:

Monday: Ran 12 miles --- ugh, this was the worst run yet. The first 4 miles were extremely boring and I just wanted to go home.  My legs were tired from the stair stepper, and I was short on energy.  My hip flexor started really bugging me around mile 9.  I don't think it will on my half though, because it is downhill and this run wasn't.
Thursday: soo embarrassing -- ran 1 (yes, just one) mile at the gym...and then went home.  I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I give myself a gold star for making myself go to the gym at all...any workout is better than none, right?
Saturday: Ran 8.5 miles.  Felt okay, but not great...  Probably due to the fact that I have been stressed, under rested, too snacky, and somewhat sedentary.  Will fix that this week!

Although I do feel bad about two weeks in a row where I only worked out 3 times, I am moving forward to a better next week. 

Upward and onward!! :)

This week's plan:
Monday: 3-4 miles
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2-3 easy miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Big Cottonwood 1/2 Marathon!!

My dad gets in on Thursday, and I am so excited!

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