April 13, 2014

Riverton Half Marathon Race Recap

A few weeks ago, I ran the Riverton Half Marathon.

I didn't get any pictures, because usually I have Clayton take them, and he forgot.  Oops!

I signed up for it because it fell into my marathon training plan nicely.  After a few messed up running weeks, it turned out I needed to do a 17-miler that day, so I had to do 3 miles beforehand and 1 mile afterward, so I didn't really "race" it.

The course was nice, and it was a beautiful day.  It has been really windy lately, which is starting to drive me crazy.  Can't we just have a nice cool breeze instead of having to run straight into a wall of wind?

Here is a recap of the race, mile by mile:

3 mile "warm up"

I was honestly wondering how the heck I was going to be able to do this run.  I jogged from our house to the race start, and then just continued running around until the race began.

Miles 1-5

These miles went quickly.  The course actually looped through Clayton's parents' neighborhood, so Clayton was able to roll out of bed and onto the course pretty smoothly! That's an opportunity you don't get very often! 

I felt like I was running pretty slowly, but I felt okay.

Miles 6-9

Oh gosh.  These were awful.  I felt nauseous and seriously doubted how I was going to finish the race.  I just kept thinking, "don't worry about what's ahead.  Just run this mile.  Don't run the other miles mentally before you get to them."  There is a hill on the course that I had run numerous times before.  I knew if I could get to that, I would feel better.  And I did!

Miles 10-13.1

These miles flew by!  They were super easy.  Afterward, I seriously wondered if they measured the last part of the course correctly, because they were so fast, and I don't remember ever passing a mile marker 12.  Ha.

Cool Down Mile

I just plodded along and ran back home from the race.  It was slow and steady, and not totally comfortable (mostly because I had chugged down a half a bottle of water at the finish line, which was then sloshing around in my stomach -- oops!)

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