July 21, 2013


This week went pretty well!

Here was my plan:

2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pac
30 minutes Cross Training
2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace - adapted
Power Pump
5 Miles - adapted

2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace -- done! I did it on a treadmill, because it was in the evening, and it seemed fast on a treadmill, but bearable!

30 minute stationary bike ride while watching a totally creepy show at the gym. I literally had to look away and turn the volume down all of a sudden (I would have changed the channel, but it came so fast that that was my first reaction) -- what is on TV these days!? 

2 mile hike with cubscouts
Quick 2 mile run

I'm not sure the pace, because I went without my phone to track me, but I tried to do my best to keep at a good pace.

Here are some pictures from the hike. I'm not sure what is going on with my shirt -- it looks weird.  And yeah, Clayton came straight from shadowing, so he is in work clothes.


I ended up meeting with a coworker on Thursday morning and then working all afternoon and evening on my classroom, so I couldn't go to the class I wanted to attend.


I stayed up late on Thursday evening doing some work, and then I spent the whole day up with Libby and Heather at Libby's parents' house.  I inadvertently got two rest days this week, so I was bound and determined to get my workout in on Saturday.

4.6 mile run & 35 minute bike ride
I stayed the night at Libby's parents' house on Friday, so I woke up early to get in a run before it got too hot.  They live up on the side of the mountain, so I knew it was going to be hilly.  I decided to go for 50-55 minutes instead of 5 miles, because that is my typical pace for a long run.  I planned on referring to my GPS to be at least in the ball park of five miles, but the GPS wasn't working up there, so I just focused on time.

The run was SO fun.  I forgot my iPod, so I just listened to the birds and enjoyed the nature.  The houses by her parents' house were so fun to look at.  I was so tempted to take pictures, because I kept thinking, "oh, that's cool!"  I'm not sure why I didn't.  I need to start taking more pictures in general.  This blog will be boring if there isn't anything to look at!

Anyway, I came home and tracked my route manually, and I actually got pretty close to the 5 miles.  I totally got lost at the end, and ended up running up a hill, then down it, and then back up (just like 20 yards) because I kept second guessing myself.

My legs were a little tired, but later in the day, Clayton's dad asked if anyone wanted to go on a bike ride.  I was all for that (especially when the alternative is to watch some TV), so I convinced Clayton to come along.  It was hot and sunny (and Clayton's bike had a terrible seat), but it was fun to go for a quick bike ride.

Next Week's Schedule
2 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace
Power Pump Class
Pioneer Day 5k
30 minutes cross training
6 Miles

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