July 21, 2013


We are going to Minnesota in ten days.

A small part of me is nervous because that means I have about 2.5 weeks of working time to get ready for the school year.  Most of me is beyond excited.

First off, my whole family will be in town.  Secondly, I love Minnesota.  So, I decided to make a Minnesota bucket list.  I don't expect to accomplish ALL of these things, but hopefully a good chunk of them.

1.) Learn to get up on one ski (I'm the only one in the family who hasn't done [or tried] this, and I want to change that).

2.) Run, run, run around the beautiful forested land.  Minnesota's climate/terrain is entirely different than Utah's, and I love a change of scenery.

3.) Swim, swim, swim!

4.) Go on a morning fishing excursion with Clayton (he LOVES fishing at my parents)

5.) Make Italian Sodas -- These are a recent discovery, and a perfect summertime treat.

6.) Have a bonfire

7.) Read

8.) Go for a bike ride -- I'm pretty sure my mom has a bike I could borrow...

9.) Play games -- For some reason, some members of my family don't seem to like games, but I know Clayton and I love games, and I'm pretty sure we can convince a few other family members to join us.

10.) Spend one-on-one time with family members.  I hate leaving feeling like I didn't even get to talk to so-and-so...

11.) Kayak around the lake

12.) Have picnics outside

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