August 20, 2013


Here is the view from the front looking at the back.  My table/desk area is in the back left and the library is the back right.  VOICES board -- writing, CAFE board -- reading, DAILY 5 -- reading.

This is the view from the front looking left.  It is pretty simple. 

Here's the view from the front looking right.  It looks a little messier than I'd like (on the counters) but whatever. :)

From the back viewing the front. My monster word wall under my board (each of those is a monster!) My math boards (red) and my rule board (blue).  My monster birthday months (on top on both sides) and my cursive and monster calendar.

Don't mind the hanging strings from the ceiling. I hate them, but haven't gotten to taking them down and fixing them (so they're the same length and not so messy looking!)

A better look.


I envisioned taking pictures of them obeying these rules to put around the rules...

Poetry and monster behavior chart. 

Class library with my orange rugs!  You can almost see the jobs wall behind the door -- there pictures will be there soon.

Et, voila! Decorating took a lot of work, but after today, I think that was the easy part!  I've got my work cut out for me, but the kids are sweet, so it is worth it!


  1. Em, your room looks amazing. I would love to go to third grade there. Those kids are so lucky to have such a fun, happy, suck the marrow out of life kind of teacher! Everything looks so organized! Wow!! You're going to do great!

  2. I bought that same orange rug for my classroom. I only bought one--I'll put up a picture on my blog tomorrow--but stapled a sheet to the floor underneath to make the carpet area bigger. Your room looks great, Em. Monsters was a fun idea!

  3. A few observations:

    Looks like a nice and clean learning space!

    So glad to see the cursive handwriting on the signs - it is a shame that children don't learn how to write anymore, and that chicken scratch is the new normal! Do you teach penmanship?

    I didn't see any snacks or a sign indicating when recess is.

    Good luck!


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