August 11, 2013


With my new approach to life has come a confidence and eagerness to try new things. 

I used to have a nasty companion: self-doubt. Thoughts like, "I can't do that, because people will realize I don't fit in," would sway my decisions nine times out of ten.  When dreaming about what my life could be, I often ended up whittling my way into a reason it shouldn't be pursued.  What if I look stupid because I don't know how to use the gear?  I can't do this unless I look the part.  If I take time for this, I won't have time for my school work. (I should have gotten straight As in college considering how few extracurriculars I actually had!) A perfect example: Clayton and I actually had a small argument in Good Earth because I was so stressed that the other shoppers might recognize that I was new to the health food world -- gasp! Since everyone is so worried about the other shoppers at the grocery store!

A few years ago, when I was a freshman and sophomore in college, my brothers and their wives would invite me to come with them on their many adventures.  I would often find reasons to decline their invitations, but occasionally their relentless pressuring succeeded, and I would tag along.  Once I was there, I never regretted going along for the ride.

I look back at these days with a decent amount of regret.  I definitely feel sad at how much time I lost and how many memories I left unwritten.  When Clayton and I talk about moving on from Utah, I often feel a sudden anxiety about leaving Utah without experiencing all it has to offer.

Now I know, Utah is gorgeous.

I am a little late on this one.  Maybe like six years late, but I have every day until we move on to discover all the secrets Utah has to offer.

Tonight, Clayton and I drove the Alpine loop and stopped to take a short hike.  I'm hoping we can make the same drive several times in the next few months so we can watch the leaves change. 

Look how handsome he is!

 Oh gosh, I washed Duncan for like 20 minutes trying to get all the dirt off.  I ended up having to cut off his long hair on his tail (poor guy!) because there were so many burrs stuck in it.  Even after washing each foot more than once, and his whole body twice, the towel still had a faint brown to it after I towel-dried Duncan.

Duncan is trying to climb down to Clayton.  This rock was big, but it didn't seem to phase him as he tried to launch himself downward.  I was so glad for the harness, because I could just pull him back up without yanking his neck.

P.S. Clayton proposed the idea of 30 adventures or new experiences.  This was adventure #2. We had done part of this hike long ago with my family, but it still counts!


  1. Hello Ms. Emily!! So excited to comment on your post, I tried at your parents house and had no luck! I even tried on your dad's phone. I LOVED this post. You're such a beautiful writer and your insights and observations were so thoughtful. I was laughed out loud at many of the parts of your last two posts. You look great in all of your pictures, incredibly impressed with you Emily! So excited about your 30 new adventures goal, I like it Clayton. Ryan and I talked about flying you over to Dubai in the coming years, come over for an adventure - help us watch our kids - depending on what the coming years bring. Love you! Can't wait for the next adventure. It was such a treat for me to read a blog post!

    1. We would love to come visit!! I have a blank passport to use!

      I am glad you're enjoying the blog. I really enjoy writing, but I haven't edited much of anything on here, so I sometimes wonder if it comes out a little rough...

  2. Great hike! Great photos! Great commentary! Great attitude!

    It was so nice to see you and Clayton - looks like re-entry to life in Utah has been good so far!

  3. Hey, great post, direction. So much out there to experience! Love, dad

    1. Glad you were able to figure out how to comment!! :)


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