August 14, 2013


July 28 - August 3

Monday -- 2.5 Miles @ 1/2 Marathon Pace
Tuesday -- Powerpump Class
Wednesday -- 3 Mile Easy Run
Thursday -- Rest
Friday -- Rest
Saturday -- 6 Mile with Libby

August 4 - August 10

Monday -- 2 Mile easy run
Tuesday -- Run
Wednesday -- 3 Mile easy run & 30 minute bike ride
Thursday -- Powerpump Class
Friday -- Rest
Saturday -- 8.5 mile run -- this felt great while I was running until the last 1.5 miles.  I had a peanut butter Gu, but I couldn't really get it down -- it was too thick in comparison to the Honey Stinger energy shot I had previously.  My ankles were pretty sore for the next three days, probably due to the slant of the canyon road.

This week's plan
3.5 @ 1/2 marathon pace
Powerpump class
3.5 Easy
45 minutes XT or 60 minute yoga depending how I feel
9 mile run


  1. So I know you love your new - NB shoes. I love them too! They still feel great running in them even though they aren't the trail version. I am seriously thinking of getting another pair before I move to Dubai the trail version. I am on the hunt for a cheap pair off ebay or something. I am obsessed with these shoes I love them and they are so fun to hike in. With all your new adventures I thought I should show you the shoes I have loved these the last few years. (These are the older trail)

  2. Heath--I finally took my NB shoes running instead of just to classes! I really liked them. They feel so close to the ground which is a nice change. I am taking it slow, so I haven't used them on any long runs, but I am going to keep using them!

    Love the trail shoes. Ryan was telling me about trail running in Utah -- gotta get into that.


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