August 24, 2013


This week's plan:
10 mile long run
4 miles @ 1/2 marathon pace
Power pump class
4 miles easy

I was actually proud about this week.  It was such a busy week at work with the first week of school, and I felt proud that I even got out at all.  The days that I went out and exercised, I really just wanted to go to bed.

My easy 4 mile run was by no means easy.  I went out and literally felt like a zombie.  I just trudged on for the first two miles, but I really felt out of it and exhausted.  It was over 90 degrees outside (I avoid running in the heat).  At the turn around point, things improved, probably because mentally I was almost done. 

My 10-mile run was great.  I was supposed to do the Color Run, but last night I just emotionally couldn't handle getting up that early and then getting back from the race so late.  I knew there was no way I could get home at 10:30, shower, run seven more miles, plan a sharing time lesson, plan my week's school lessons, and go grocery shopping.  Clayton felt like I was taking off more than I could chew and that I needed to find something to cut out.  I figured the only thing I could cut out was the race.  I am glad I did.   I could sleep in a little longer, and get some things done in the early morning.  It saved me a lot of time. 

I was able to go do my ten miles.  I felt really strong. At around six miles, I felt like my pace and power picked up and I was able to carry it to the end.

Next week's plan:
4.5 @ 1/2 marathon pace
Power pump class
4.5 easy
11 miles long run

Two more training weeks until the half marathon!!! :) I got our hotel reservation today and did some reading on the website.  I am getting excited!

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