September 1, 2013


Back to school is here! I've got two weeks of school under my belt so far!

Third graders are sweet! They are at an adorable age.  They are so helpful, not sassy, and they have great imaginations.  I have to write down the funny things they do and say.  

My team has been so helpful.  They are always sharing ideas with me, which makes it so much easier to feel like I am doing a good job.  I feel like we are friends, too, which is so nice. 

Third grade takes a lot more material prep and idea generation.  In sixth grade, I tried to be fun and creative, but I didn't need to be.  In third grade, the kids need creative explanations on their level in order to understand concepts.

I am totally swamped, spending 11-12 hour days at work most days, but I am hoping that this will decrease over the weeks.

More updates later!

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