September 22, 2013


This week hardly seems worth recapping, but just to keep consistent, I will.

{Monday} Rest -- still fairly sore from Saturday's race

{Tuesday} I was feeling lazy, so I tried running.  I went about a mile and decided I needed a little more time.  I probably should have stretched more in the days right after the race.  After my 1 mile, I took Duncan on a 2.5 mile walk.

{Wednesday} I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 6 miles.

{Thurs-Friday} Rest (calling it rest makes it seem more purposeful -- really I just didn't exercise!)

{Saturday} Zumba class with Sarah Jane.  It was a sub (because the real teacher ran the same race I ran) and her routines were pretty slow, which I liked because I could actually catch a decent amount of her moves.  I wanted to go for a run afterward, but I had to meet a friend and didn't have time.

{Sunday} I don't really exercise on Sunday, but to make myself feel less lazy, I will document that we took Duncan for a 4 mile walk.

This Week's Plan:
5 Miles (or whatever feels right)
Power pump class
5 miles
Yoga Class
6 miles

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