September 29, 2013


Everybody hears this once in a blue moon, right? It isn't really offensive (at least not to me), but it is a little odd...

Well, it is no news that we are busy over here.  I am spending a huge chunk of my days working, and then we are lucky if we can fit in dinner and some exercise.  We have other responsibilities we are trying to balance as well.

So it wasn't a huge surprise when my coworker asked me "how are you feeling?" 

The thing that was surprising, was how she said it -- with the intonation one uses when they are asking their sick friend if they are feeling better.  I wondered, huh? Did she think I was sick this weekend? I told her I was fine and let it go.

Later the same day.

I'm getting my lunch out of the faculty refrigerator and she approaches me again.  "Are you sure you're feeling okay? You look either sick or really tired." Now I was confused...

I am tired, and stressed, but not so tired that other people should be able to see it on my face...

I had to go to the bathroom to see what this tiredness looked like.  I thought I was fairly well put together, but maybe other people are seeing something else in me.

I went home, told Clayton about it, and had a good laugh.  I wasn't offended by her comment at all.

That was last Monday.  Today is Sunday.  While Clayton was walking through the hallway at church, this woman who is in the hall taps him on the arm and asks him, "Are you a student?" He responds that, no, he is not a student. She proceeds to tell him, "Oh, well you look tired.  You need to get more sleep."


We had a good laugh over it.  Apparently, we are sending out tired vibes.  

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