October 10, 2013


My handsome husband got accepted to physical therapy school this morning!!

Source: http://forteresearch.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Minnesota-Gohers-Logo-GopherSports.com_.jpg
We couldn't be more excited about this!  We have been waiting for weeks to hear back from Minnesota.  It is one of the few schools that doesn't use the online PTCAS system for applications.  They also have rolling admissions, so it was one of the first schools Clayton submitted his application to.  They said we would hear back in 4-6 weeks, which was so exciting to us.  We both feel like we have been waiting for a moment like this for years, and so knowing about at least one school (and one of our top schools) this early was something we were very excited about.

So two weeks ago, they said they were voting on Clayton's application. We waited all that week to hear, and then Clayton called to see what his status was.  Liz, our friend at the admission's office, told us that we would get an email back by October 8th with the decision.  October 8th came and went -- we refreshed our email probably 100 times that day.  Then, yesterday came and went.  But bright and early this morning, I was awoken by Clayton's excited call that he had been accepted.  I am on fall break, and so I knew that if he was calling me that early from work, it probably meant he had heard back from them.

So! Here is the status.  Clayton is cancelling his interview in Chicago this weekend.  It wasn't as good of a school, and it wasn't actually IN Chicago.  He will still go to his interview at Mayo, and will probably use that same visit to MN to visit the University of Minnesota.  That way, if he does get other offers, he will have something to compare to.  Our other top schools on the list are as follows.

#14 Utah
#19 Minnesota
#19 VCU
#27 University of Washington
#34 Mayo

We won't necessarily be deciding based on ranking alone.  They are all great schools, so now we will be seeing which one is the best fit.  We haven't really solidified which is our TOP school.  There are so many factors to consider, but we are thrilled that we have an option (and an AWESOME one at that!)

I am so proud of Clayton.  It has been a rough journey, and it has really challenged both of us, but he has worked so hard to stand out as an applicant.  He hates writing, and Minnesota required several essays (in place of an interview).  He has worked so hard for this, and I feel so blessed that we are moving forward again!


  1. Yay! That is exciting news for sure! I can't wait to hear where you will end up! We love you guys and miss hanging out. We were just talking about the good ol' "double engaged couples' days". :)

  2. Em I cannot express enough how happy I am for BOTH of you. Our time waiting and getting into law school was in many ways MORE stressful than law school itself! Now that you have a possible path a huge weight has been lifted, and what a great school! You guys could live by family! So fun! Just picture meeting the girls for food, visiting your parents on Sundays! Signing up for races with your Dad. We were both falling asleep talking about it, I can really see you guys there! Congratulations, I just love you Emily! What a good heart you have, Clayton is lucky to have you and you in turn with him as well. So impressed with the person that you are. You are an inspiring individual. Lately when I talk about my sisters-in-law I have just started call you guys 'my sister'. You feel like that anyways, no need to specify exactly. Love you!

  3. Again, congratulations! Hope you're able to go get a meal or dessert or celebrate somehow. I think the U of M is really great. I'm excited for you guys!


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