October 10, 2013


Last Week's Plan:

5 Miles (or whatever feels right)
Power pump class
Yoga Class
3 miles
7 miles

Did you notice that none of those got crossed out?

{Monday} 2 mile run -- felt like junk.  I'm sure that is because I had been eating junk (not REAL junk, just too many carbs and not enough produce), and was pretty tired.

{Tuesday} None -- I stayed at work until 9 p.m. trying to clean up my classroom and prepare for parent teacher conferences the next day.  It stunk, but it had to be done.

{Wednesday}None -- parent teacher conferences until 8. Went home and slept.

{Thursday}None -- parent teacher conferences until 8. Went home and slept.

{Friday} Went on a date with Clayton.  It felt lovely to not think about school or cleaning or my church calling or some other responsibility that I'm not succeeding at. :)

{Saturday} 6 Mile run.  The first half was sludgy -- I felt slow and tired, but I knew that was just because of my lifestyle lately, and I needed to push through.  The last half I really felt like I needed to either stop or get it over with, so I pushed faster and ended up feeling a lot better.  Sometimes running harder is easier than taking it slow and steady.  Have any of you runners ever noticed that?  I have really grown to love running hard lately!

This Week's Plan:

3 one-mile intervals done
Power pump class done
4 Mile Easy Run
8 Mile run

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