November 25, 2013


For many people, Thanksgiving is the cold season's 4th of July.   It is all about food, relaxing, friends, and family. However, just like the 4th, it is a holiday that can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish.

Here are five tips to help you feel more lively this holiday!

1. Get moving before and after your main meal.

Exercise will help control your hunger and your appetite.  I'm often surprised at how exercising helps take away my cravings.  If you're in need of further convincing, check out this article.


2. Hydrate

Drinking water has been shown to support weight loss.  Now, we're not all out to lose weight, but drinking water helps everyone feel more energetic.  Just like exercise, drinking water (notice I didn't include other beverages) helps control hunger and cravings.  Other benefits of hydration can be found in this  article.


3. Plan Ahead

We all have our favorite parts of the Thanksgiving feast.  If every item is your favorite, skip this tip.  However, for me, I know I could skip the stuffing and the green bean casserole and not even be phased.  Think ahead about what you are going to be eating.  Pick one or two favorites to really enjoy, and go easy (or skip) some of the other things.  I will most definitely be savoring my pumpkin pie!

4. Pay attention to your nutrition and exercise before the holiday.

Your body doesn't know Thanksgiving from the day before or the day after.   Invest some extra thought into what you are eating and your activity levels in the days preceding Thanksgiving.  You will feel better knowing that you've been living healthily all week.

5. Enjoy yourself & focus on the holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving (or any other holiday) isn't about the food.  Enjoy the food, yes.  But also enjoy your loved ones.  Spend the day focusing on celebrating those things you are grateful for.  Don't fall into the trap of over-analyzing every food decision you make, and ruining your holiday as a result. 

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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  1. I really miss the USA now. Thanks for all these wonderful posts, Emily! Enjoy your Thanksgiving - your blog has been a bright spot in my day!


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