November 17, 2013


We have had such a wonderful weekend.  It felt like a holiday: quaint, slow-paced, and cozy.

On Friday night, we got to catch up with some good friends of ours, Haili and Wes.  They invited us to go to the Lighting of the Riverwoods.  The Riverwoods is an outdoor mall nearby.  In recent years, they have invested a lot into making improvements.  The Lighting of the Riverwoods certainly did not disappoint!

As always, the Riverwoods had beautiful lights.  That was all I expected, but there was a lot more going on this year, as well.

We have a picture nearly identical to this one from four years ago, right after my nephew was born.

Check out this ice sculpture.  Ice sculptures are impressive, but have you ever seen one that was hollow?

As we neared the center of the Riverwoods, we heard singing. We got a free Alex Boye concert!  He was pretty entertaining.  Honestly, I haven't really listened to him before, but he had a great voice.  I want to listen to his holiday album.  I bet it is lovely!

It is difficult to take decent pictures with an iPhone and Christmas lights!

It was so great seeing my old college roommate, Haili.  She is expecting and due in February!  I am so excited for her!

Fireworks!  What a great way to end the evening!  There is something about fireworks that makes a smile spread across my face.  They are so majestic!

We had a great time!  I am so glad our friends invited us!

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  1. The minute I saw your picture by the Santa I thought of the one with you and Mr Finn! That looks so much fun! Missing the USA a little this week! The first snow, ah so fun! -Heather (on Ryan's phone)


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