November 16, 2013


I  am excited to post today, because I had such a great run this morning!

{Monday} 3 mile treadmill run

{Tuesday} Power pump class. I am getting stronger!  I had missed two weeks of class, so I definitely took a few steps back in some areas, but my arms are definitely getting stronger.  The instructor always asks who is there for the first time, because it really isn't an easy class, and the peer pressure of keeping up really could do someone in if they were out of shape, but it makes me feel good that I'm a regular at the class.  The instructor knows me by name and I know about 5 other "regulars."  I never thought I would love lifting so much, but I feel so great when I am done.

{Wednesday} Rest

{Thursday} Rest

{Friday} Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Day 1 -- here.  I got my hair cut right after school, so I got home at around 5:45.  We had plans with friends at 7:30, but I really wanted to get a workout in.  Although I wanted a difficult workout (see Wednesday and Thursday) I knew I had a 12 mile run on Saturday, so I didn't want it to kill me, either.

It turned out to be perfect for my small window of time.  Day 1 wasn't extremely difficult, but it made me push myself, get my heart rate up, and break a sweat, so I counted it a success.

{Saturday} 12 mile run.  This was probably my most enjoyable long run since my half marathon in October.  It was 37 degrees when I left, and I was pretty prepared for the weather.  About five minutes into the run, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom (I went before I left, mind you) and I lucked out with a bathroom that I'd never noticed before on the trail.  I was lucky the water was still on -- a few weeks ago, I had to use a different bathroom on the same trail and the water was turned off, so no flushing!

Then, around mile 2.5, I suddenly got really hungry.  I had eaten an apple and a green smoothie this morning, but I guess it had been longer than I realized since I ate.  I had a Honey Stinger waffle & a pack of Honey Stinger chews with me, and I had planned on using them at miles four and eight, but the hunger was so sudden and severe that I just ate them then and hoped I'd be fine later.  It turned out that I was just fine on energy later.

The route I took was essentially an out and back L shape, and I had the wind at my back for the first three miles.  When I turned, it was at my side.  It started snowing lightly around mile 3, but it didn't bother me.  When I turned around, it was at my other side, and still didn't bother me.  When I turned for the last three miles and had the wind and snow coming straight toward me, it really was a treat. ;)  It was kind of fun, and I really didn't get cold, but I'm glad it was only three miles.  By the end, I was soaked.  When I undressed to take a shower, my thighs looked like they had a bad sunburn, they were so red from the cold snow!

I kept thinking of animals and natives who live off the land, and thought how cool it is that just because I was moving, I was able to feel warm in 35-degree weather.  I know that is kind of a strange thought, but I thought it was interesting.

This Week's Plan:
I'm officially done with my half marathon training.  I am excited for the race, and happy that I signed up for another race right after Big Cottonwood.

Running: 5, 3, 5
Other: Power pump (perhaps twice?), yoga

I am still taking suggestions about what I should do in my 25th year! What are some things you're glad you've done?  What are some things you wish you had made time for?


  1. Em, your so hard core! I had to google 'the honey stinger' those look pretty great. You are legit, all I ever had was a pack of fruit snacks. It's fun to feel an energy boost in a middle of a run. I can't wait to hear how you like Jillian Michael's shred work outs. I'm excited for the upcoming holiday pics on the blog - I am expecting to see a very buff Emily! haha! Clayton needs to do a little came walk by and snap a picture of you lifting in your power pump class. I went to one of those once. Let's just say watching Hb in a strength training class would really make you smile. It's great that you have a sense of community with the people you exercise with! Love you! Say hi to Clayton!

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