November 12, 2013


This spring, I was feeling quite useless.  I was not satisfied at work, and I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the school.  While visiting with my dad over lunch during spring break, I had an idea.  I would create a Wellness Committee at work.

I pitched the idea to my boss & he gave me the go-ahead.  It has been great so far.

Each month, we have a wellness challenge.  At the end of the month, those who participated put their names in for a prize drawing.  Here are the previous challenges:

September: Drink two water bottles a day, each work day

This was a great one to get started.  Probably 75%-85% of the school chose to participate in this challenge.

October: Set a bedtime

Participants got 5 points if they were in bed on time, 3 points if they were in bed within 30 minutes of their bedtime, and 0 points for anything later

This is a very difficult one for most teachers, but I still had a handful of people who participated and really rocked it.

November: We are wearing pedometers & increasing our moves by 2,000-3,000 overall.  There are several people participating, and it is quite interesting to see how your movement changes from day to day.

Later this week, we are hosting a healthy recipe swap.  I am quite excited -- I have a few recipes I am going to share, and I hope to come away with a few new ones to try.

We are also hosting a biggest loser challenge in January.  So many people requested it, that I couldn't turn them down!

Do you have a Wellness/Health organization at your work?  What sort of programs/activities do they host?

If you were participating in Wellness Challenges, what would be a Challenge you would enjoy?


  1. Emily,

    This is great! What great leadership! I am sure it's been a learning experience--seeing how people react to things!


  2. Let's see...what do we do with wellness?

    My favorite wellness event is a 5k walk/run that we invite employees to attend; the Torchlight Run. It's really more of a social event than an athletic event--so it serves a dual role for us.

    For the first time we did a weight loss contest--we did teams, primarily. That was fun, lots of commaradarie. I guess we had some individual awards too.

    We've counted steps for a month.
    At Parker Pen, I know we had a walking contest (# of miles in a month).
    We have a taste a new food event occassionally, but you need a budget for that--because we buy the food.
    We have a healthy food cube, where people can come and buy fruit, fruit drinks, nuts, bars--self service, honor system for payment.

    1. I like the idea of doing a 5k walk/run!

      How often do people buy food from the healthy food cube?


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