November 12, 2013


It's gotta be a bad sign that I had to seriously think about this past week to remember what I did.

{Monday} 5 mile treadmill run.  Can I just say that I wish there were funnier things on TV on Mondays?  I've been watching Dancing with the Stars, and while it is entertaining, it just isn't funny.  I find it easiest to run on the treadmill when I'm watching something funny.

{Tuesday} Rest

{Wednesday} 3 mile treadmill run (I think!?)  I'm pretty sure I would have felt guiltier if I hadn't done this...and I'm 95% sure that I did...

{Thursday} 30 minute bike ride and arm/shoulder weights. 

{Friday} Birthday celebration with workout.

{Saturday} We had a practice for the primary program that morning and when I got home, I felt so exhausted.  I took a 1+ hour nap and then went for a 4 mile run.  It was all I could muster.  It was also my birthday, so I didn't want to spend the whole afternoon running.

This Week's Plan:
Running: 5, 3, 12
Other: Power pump, yoga

Have you tried any new exercises that you're loving lately?  Once this race is over, in a few weeks, I think I'll stick to running twice a week...I like it more that way.

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  1. Em what a great idea! Your poster looks great too, I bet you've gotten to know a lot of people by doing this too. Way to be really outgoing, I wish I could be a fly on the wall presenting your idea to the staff. Wow! Way to get out there, being a new teacher I would probably be really shy and intimidated. Way to contribute. My dad always talks about 'being relevant'. Way to do just that, your desire to contribute is inspiring!


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