November 11, 2013

24 IN 24

This weekend, we celebrated my birthday!  It was great -- I'll do a post on that later.  Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to write 24 things that happened in my 24th year of life (in no particular order).

1. Switched from teaching 6th grade to teaching 3rd grade.
2. Lost 10+ pounds (depending on the day)
3. Traveled to Minnesota for spring break
4. Watched my adorable nieces in Minnesota for 9 days
5. Spent a week in Minnesota with my whole family in August
6. Learned to get up on a slalom ski
7. Ran my first 10k (turned out to be a 7.5 k because of some poor race management)
8. Ran my first half marathon
9. Jarred my first freezer jam
10. Got called to be the Primary President -- and learned a lot.
11. Read over 30 books -- I'm always looking for a good suggestion.
12. Clayton got accepted into PT School...after a lot of waiting & wandering
13. Discovered Red Mango & Rubios -- yum!
14. Started a Wellness Committee at work -- I still haven't posted about this!
15. Bought & paid off our first car (the first one we paid for, not our first car)
16. Went hiking with Clayton -- a few times.
17. Realized how much I enjoy cooking
18. Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary in Park City
19. Bought my first Christmas tree
20. Opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers -- and sold an item!
21. Started fertility treatments
22. Carpooled to work each day (of last school year)
23. Ate my first shaved ice & decided I'd much rather have cookies/cupcakes/ice cream
24. Watched my first (and hopefully last) rodeo -- I'm too much of an animal lover.

I think it was a pretty great year!

Now, I am trying to make a list of things to do before I turn 25.  Please add some suggestions in the comments!


  1. Emily! You inspire me. One day, I will be like you. I think I need to make my own list! This is seriously awesome! Way to go, my friend!

  2. Em! I love this idea - I think it's really cool to look back on the year as a whole. It's fun to feel like a little bit of trying and commitment every day can add up to having a really great year. You didn't even talk about all the new things you cooked! Every year - before I had Royal (I haven't cooked hardly at all this year :() But I think it's fun to think of some type of cooking you want to get better at this next year: i.e. This year I am going to learn to make: good pizza, or pie (pie crust can be frustrating!, great salads - etc. the idea is though to really branch out into unknown territory. Something that's intimidated you before, try it! Other ideas for this next year - relationships you want to foster - etc. Trying new things is always fun. You tried so many new things last year! It may be hard to out do yourself!


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