December 8, 2013


We have had a lovely weekend!  I can't say I'm ready for next week, but that isn't new!

Clayton has been feeling under the weather all week.  I started getting a little itchy sore throat, and a few mild cold symptoms, but nothing major.  So, we decided to take it easy this weekend night.  On Friday night, I cleaned a little bit, and then we watched The Internship.  I loved it!  It was funny and left you with a good feeling!

On Saturday morning, the educator's association rented out the Cinemark theater and paid for everyone to go see a movie.  I've never seen a movie at 9 a.m. before, but it was fun getting to go see a movie in a theater for free ($1 if you include Clayton's ticket).  We saw Thor.  I hadn't seen the first one, but now I want to.  I thought it was a great story!

When we came home, Duncan's eye was all puffy like he was having an allergic reaction, so we went to the store, picked up some groceries and children's allergy medicine, and then Clayton took a nap.  I cleaned and went Christmas shopping.  I've decided I love giving gifts, but I hate shopping for them.  I can always think of an awesome gift, but rarely is it in my budget.  We aren't giving each other Christmas gifts, because we're trying to save as much as we can before we go to PT school, and our gift budget (for everyone else) is pretty inflexible, so I'm having to really think about what would be a good gift.  I spent way too much time in Target analyzing and over-analyzing everyone's gifts.  I only ended up buying gifts for two people...which is ridiculous.

Thinking of Ryan & Heather: You probably don't miss this type of weather in Dubai!

After I got home from Target, we went to Noodles & Co. for dinner and Barnes & Noble to get another gift.  I LOVE that store!  I could just roam there for hours.

We watched another movie Saturday night -- Monsters University.  Random tidbit -- if you watch that and The Internship back to back, you might notice that they're like the same movie...Anyways, another great movie.

Tonight, we are catching up on a few things, staying warm against the cold, and watching the Christmas Devotional.

Because we're moving in the next two weeks, this is my only Christmas sad...
What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
What do you do to escape the cold?


  1. I laughed when you said The Internship and Monsters Inc are basically the same movie - haven't seen the first, but I'm not surprised!

    I actually am missing the cold and the snow, as winter was (previously) my favorite season. Oh, my list of things to pick up at Target is getting longer and longer, with no end in sight. Good luck on your move - those are never fun. We're thinking of you!

    1. Do they have Target there?

      We should video chat soon!

    2. No Target here, which is why my list is so long. I like your new hair, by the way!


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