December 16, 2013


This weekend flew by.  It was pretty busy.

{Friday} Went to the gym & I studied for my test while Clayton worked on the abnormal psychology class that he has to take for PT school.

{Saturday} Went on 7 mile run.  Studied for my test.  Took my test.  Went to grab a treat for a friend who was taking the same test, only after me.  Then we drove to REI to try on winter coats.  We stopped by Clayton's parents for about an hour and then went to a Christmas party with some of our friends.

{Sunday} We went to church -- this was our last week in that ward, because we're moving this week. Then we took naps, went for our traditional Sunday walk, and then went to some friends for dinner.

Clayton really wanted me to take today (Monday) off, because I was complaining all weekend that I had so much to do.  So we ran to my school on Sunday, quickly made some sub plans, and went home.

We spent the rest of the evening regrouping.  Do you have those reflective days when you have to reorganize and catch the vision again of where you're trying to go?  We have those a lot around here.

Since I took the day off today, I'm hoping to tackle a long list of to-dos.  Wish me luck!

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  1. You guys are staying busy! Wish we were going to MN and could plan on seeing you there! Miss you guys! Hope to talk to you soon - we'll try calling maybe tonight or tomorrow a.m.


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