January 26, 2014


On Friday, December 20th, I cleaned up from our classroom Christmas party, rearranged a few things in my classroom and went straight to Home Depot to pick up some packing supplies.  Clayton and I spent the night packing the rest of our apartment.

Our contract for our apartment was going to be up, and we didn't want to sign another lease.  We are going with the no school debt/minimal school debt plan for Clayton's Physical Therapy school, so we knew that getting rid of our $1,100 a month rent would seriously help us.  We want to save as much as we can before we start his school, and living with Clayton's parents lets us save even more than we were saving before. Clayton's parents have been so gracious to let us move in, especially with our four-legged loud-mouthed little guy.

Moving was hard for me.  I loved our apartment.  We lived there for over two years, and it really felt like our home.  Honestly, I still feel a little lost without a place to call home, but I know this is a temporary situation.  A few of my favorite memories from our Pleasant Grove home:

  • Clayton and I spent hours walking together.  The scenery was varied -- mountain backdrops and gorgeous sunsets combined with trailer parks and small office buildings.  Obviously, I won't miss the trailer park or the delightful Pleasant Grove odor that wafted into our apartment a few times a month.  However, I did love our walks there.
  • The sunset.  Being on the third floor let us be above the other apartments and town homes.  Every day we got to see the sun set behind the western mountains.  I loved that and already miss it.
  • The farms (even though they were tiny).  I really loved being able to feed the horses on our walks.  There was a quaintness in the area that you don't really get to see elsewhere in suburbia.  
  • Our gym.  Golds was smelly and not the nicest gym by any means, but I loved my lifting class, and Clayton loved playing basketball there.  The lifting class here is wimpy by comparison, and Clayton hasn't found any basketball that compares.  I know that seems silly, but we really do miss it.
We are on to bigger and better things, but we sure did love our home in PG.

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