January 28, 2014


I was going to name this post 'The Kiss of Death," but when curiosity got the best of me, and I Googled the phrase, I learned that it may refer to Judas' kiss to betray Jesus, or a mafia signal that someone is going to be killed.  I'm always learning new things...

On Friday, we got to see Ryan, Heather, and their boys.  It was great to be able to see them.  However, Heather apparently has picked up the European greeting of kissing people on the cheeks.  Very sweet, but not a gesture I am going to be picking up any time soon.  I'm pretty sure those four kisses, two on my cheeks, two on Clayton's cheeks, set off a chain of events that resulted in Family Flu 2014.

We have spent the last two days in hibernation.  We both came down with flu symptoms on Sunday night.  I thought it was food poisoning at first, but when a lot of vomiting didn't seem to help, I gave up and admitted it was probably the flu.

I thought Clayton just had nausea, but last night, he spent the night in the bathroom.  I felt like an awful wife, because I slept through the majority of it.  Horrible wife moment.

Anyway, things are looking up.  We both took of work yesterday and today.  Well, Clayton doesn't work Mondays, so he only had to take off today.  He might take off tomorrow -- I keep telling him he can't go to work, or he'll kill some of his patients!  I am going to return to work tomorrow; I felt significantly better today, but I'm glad I took the day off.

We had dinner with friends on Saturday night and a family dinner Sunday night, so I'm hoping we didn't infect anyone else. 

P.S. Heather -- Our family seems to have bad luck passing the flu between each other. :)


  1. Savanah wanted a part of this apparently bc she has thrown up several times tonight. I'm glad you're feeling better, it gives me hope that it won't last forever! Hopefully it doesn't truly become a family flu!

  2. Oh no!!!! Aunt Emily, Uncle Clayton - NO, NO, NO, NO!! Not the flu. Oh it is horrible, horrible, horrible. I'm so glad you are already feeling better, you poor things though seriously - throwing up is the worst. Now having gone through it to do you feel bad for me? Can you imagine having to take care of three kids on top of that. I told you it broke me. I remember talking to Ryan trying to explain I needed help and just bawling my eyes out. He just thought I was crazy. You know though!! Emily, good advice DO NOT let Clayton go to work. This flu is crazy contagious. My whole family got it and Taysom and we hardly even see him that much. I'm so glad you feel better. I'm telling you though those European kisses are here to stay, I love kissing people! I usually don't kiss men unelss it's family, sorry Uncle Clayton you'll be getting more HB kisses in the future. haha! Oh Em I am so sorry you're sick but this post had me chuckling so much.

  3. Em I don't have your cell number!! The one I have is old!


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